Shaft Mounted Clutches

Dayton Superior Products, a top-rated manufacturer and distributor of power transmission components, carries a number of shaft clutches compatible with virtually any type of application.

Shaft mounted clutches are designed with holding power and motion in mind. Whether your application calls for reverse motion, torque control, high RPM speeds or rotary action, Dayton Superior Products can help. Our durable and reliable shaft clutches are designed to reduce machinery downtime while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Our shaft clutches are typically manufactured from carbon steel.

Our inventory of shaft mounted clutches are available in standard sizes, but can also be customized to individual requirements. Dayton clutches are used in a variety of applications and industries, such as:

Shaft Clutch Varieties

Dayton Superior offers several different clutch types to ensure optimum motion and holding power. Shaft clutch varieties include the tooth clutch, cam & ring assemblies, overrunning clutches, ratchet arm clutch, one way sprocket clutch, and single revolution clutches.

Dayton Superior Products has manufactured and imported for several decades. Our expert team has a wealth of knowledge and is ready to share their power transmission solutions with you. Contact Dayton to discuss your specifications or to receive a price quote.

Cross Reference

Cross-reference a Holochrome, LoveJoy, Stafford, or Climax Metal Part Number.

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