Double Split Couplings

Double Split Couplings

Double split couplings have socket cap screws that provide a much greater load compared to single split couplings, which have only four screws.  The clamp-on style also makes this coupling ideal for applications which require efficient service without having to remove every shaft item.

Available with or without keyways, two piece shaft couplings come with stepped and straight bores for joining shafts with different diameters.  DSP's heavy-duty double split couplings are made from corrosion-resistant rigid carbon steel or stainless steel.

Double Split Couplings Features

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Need other styles?  See our shaft couplings options.

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Black OxideStainless SteelBore I.D.O.D.Width In.Set Screw
S2C-025-025-BLA S2C-025-025-SS 1/4-1/4 11/16 1-1/8 4-40x3/8
S2C-037-025-BLA S2C-037-025-SS 3/8-1/4 7/8 1-3/8 4-40x3/8
S2C-037-037-BLA S2C-037-037-SS 3/8-3/8 7/8 1-3/8 6-32x3/8
S2C-050-037-BLA S2C-050-037-SS 1/2-3/8 1-1/8 1-3/4 8-32x1/2
S2C-050-050-BLA S2C-050-050-SS 1/2-1/2 1-1/8 1-3/4 8-32x1/2
S2C-062-050-BLA S2C-062-050-SS 5/8-1/2 1-5/16 2 10-32x1/2
S2C-062-062-BLA S2C-062-062-SS 5/8-5/8 1-5/16 2 10-32x1/2
S2C-075-050-BLA S2C-075-050-SS 3/4-1/2 1-1/2 2-1/4 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-075-062-BLA S2C-075-062-SS 3/4-5/8 1-1/2 2-1/4 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-075-075-BLA S2C-075-075-SS 3/4-3/4 1-1/2 2-1/4 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-087-062-BLA S2C-087-062-SS 7/8-5/8 1-5/8 2-1/2 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-087-087-BLA S2C-087-087-SS 7/8-7/8 1-5/8 2-1/2 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-100-050-BLA S2C-100-050-SS 1-1/2 1-3/4 3 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-100-075-BLA S2C-100-075-SS 1-3/4 1-3/4 3 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-100-100-BLA S2C-100-100-SS 1-1 1-3/4 3 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-112-100-BLA S2C-112-100-SS 1-1/8-1 1-7/8 3-1/8 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-112-112-BLA S2C-112-112-SS 1-1/8-1-1/8 1-7/8 3-1/8 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-125-100-BLA S2C-125-100-SS 1-1/4-1 2-1/16 3-1/4 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-125-125-BLA S2C-125-125-SS 1-1/4-1-1/4 2-1/16 3-1/4 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-137-100-BLA S2C-137-100-SS 1-3/8-1 2-1/4 3-1/2 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-137-137-BLA S2C-137-137-SS 1-3/8-1-3/8 2-1/4 3-1/2 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-150-100-BLA S2C-150-100-SS 1-1/2-1 2-1/2 3-3/4 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-150-150-BLA S2C-150-150-SS 1-1/2-1-1/2 2-1/2 3-3/4 1/4-28x5/8
S2C-175-175-BLA S2C-175-175-SS 1-3/4-1-3/4 3-1/8 4-1/2 5/16-24x7/8
S2C-200-200-BLA S2C-200-200-SS 2-2 3-1/4 4-7/8 5/16-24x7/8

***NOTE: All of these can be machined with one or two sized keyways on the keyed shaft couplings (i.e. S2C-125-100-SS). This style can be done with metric keyways as well.

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