Large Bore Shaft Collars

Secure components on large diameter shafts commonly found in heavy-duty applications with tough large bore shaft collars from Dayton Superior Products. Large bore shaft collars are designed with a larger outer diameter, width and screws, which offer improved clamping force and axial holding power. They are available in one- and two-piece clamp styles. One-piece large bore shaft collars have high strength capabilities, permit simple positioning adjustments and avoid shaft marring. Two-piece large bore shaft collars also have a high holding power, but are easily installed without removing other components from the shaft.


A variety of industries can benefit from our large bore shaft collars. Examples include oil and gas, sand and gravel, paper, water treatment and off-highway equipment. They are ideal for bulk material handling, shaking, inspection, loading, and filtration systems.


Developed for use in challenging environments, our Large-Bore Shaft Collars are available in a range of sizes, material types and surface finishes to meet each application’s demanding needs. Materials we use include 303, 304 and 316 stainless steel, carbon steel and steel with zinc plating or black-oxide finishes. Our 316 stainless steel shaft collars are ideal for corrosion-resistant applications, which include ocean-going vessels and toxic waste environments.

Advantages of Large Bore Shaft Collars

Fine-tuning our large bore shaft collars to better suit your application needs is easy and safe. High-strength tension adjustment screws make each shaft collar compatible with wider shaft tolerances and enable axial holding power adjustments.

Operate successfully in harsh environments using large bore shaft collars by Dayton Superior Products. Headquartered in Troy, Ohio, we are dedicated to manufacturing quality shaft collars, couplings and clutches from a variety of materials for our customers at competitive prices. Request a quote today.

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