Quick-Clamp Shaft Collar

 Locate or position a component quickly and efficiently with resilient quick clamp shaft collars from Dayton Superior Products. 

Quick clamp shaft collars (also called quick release shaft collars) are designed with a handle that sits flush with the outside diameter, which enables rapid installation and adjustments without tools using an easy-finger-access handle. The ability to secure or re-position process media or items hastily can boost performance at your facility by reducing production downtime. 

Quick Release Shaft Collar Applications

Our Quick-Clamp Shaft Collars are perfect for many applications that require frequent process item removal or re-positioning. These are often found in light-duty rotating and stationary operations in printing, packaging, semiconductor and medical industries. Specific examples include:

Fine-tuning our quick release shaft collars to better suit your application needs is easy and safe. A high-strength tension adjustment screw makes each shaft collar compatible with wider shaft tolerances and enables axial holding power adjustments.

Material Options

At Dayton Superior Products, our team designs shaft collars for high-performance, strength-demanding applications.  We can manufacture custom quick clamp collars using 303, 304 and 316 stainless steels, carbon steel and steel with zinc plating or black-oxide finishes. Our 316 stainless steel shaft collars are ideal for corrosion-resistant applications, which include ocean-going vessels and toxic waste environments.

Make installation of shaft components simple with Dayton Superior Products Quick-Clamp Shaft Collars. Headquartered in Troy, Ohio, we are dedicated to manufacturing quality shaft collars, couplings and clutches from a variety of materials for our customers at competitive prices. Get a quote from Dayton Superior products today. 


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