Rigid Shaft Couplings

As a manufacturer of power transmission components, Dayton Superior Products offers a number of  rigid shaft couplings to drive your application forward efficiently and affordably. The function of a shaft coupling is to connect two shafts together while also transferring motion from one shaft to the other. Rotating equipment parts can be joined with a coupling to allow transmission of power and motion between the two elements. Rather than replacing your power transmission system, shaft couplings simply extend the shafting, allowing you to keep your power transmission system for longer. They are commonly used in the food processing, medical, and material handling industries. Using high-quality set-screw shaft couplings can reduce downtime and maintenance on machinery, thus increasing your business’s productivity. A variety of keyway options are available for our different t types of couplings.


At Dayton Superior Products, we use the strongest, highest quality materials to ensure maximum performance of all our power transmission parts with competitive pricing. Our couplings are available in the following materials:

Available Shaft Couplings:


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