Double Wide Shaft Collar

Keep components under great force secure with robust double-wide shaft collars from Dayton Superior Products. Double-wide shaft collars are broader than traditional shaft collars, which enables superior fit and holding power for processes with high-axial loads. They are also ideal for use in areas too confined for a full-size shaft coupling.

Applications for Double Wide Shaft Collars

Our double-wide shaft collars are perfect for a variety of applications, which include vertical and horizontal conveyor systems, horizontal athletic gear and retail settings. Medical, agricultural and robotics industries can also benefit from double-wide shaft collars. Adjusting our double-wide shaft collars to better suit your application needs is easy and safe. High-strength tension adjustment screws make each shaft collar compatible with wider shaft tolerances and enable axial holding power adjustments.


At Dayton Superior Products, our team designs shaft collars for high-performance, strength-demanding applications.  Materials we use include 303, 304 and 316 stainless steel, carbon steel and steel with zinc plating or black-oxide finishes. Our 316 stainless steel shaft collars are ideal for corrosion-resistant applications, which include ocean-going vessels and toxic waste environments.

Lock down components to shafts at your facility with reliable with Dayton Superior Products double-wide shaft collars. Located in Troy, Ohio, we are dedicated to delivering quality shaft collars, couplings and clutches from a variety of materials to our customers at competitive prices.


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